About Myself

Hey there, my name is Ilyass and I am a Computer Science student at the University of Bonn, where I am specializing in Robotics. I also spent six months working at the Italian Institute of Technology on Computer Vision, and another six months at Fotokite as an Engineering Intern. I am interested in everything that rotates around Robotics and Computer Vision. I am currently working on vision algorithms for quadrupedal robots at the AIS group at the University of Bonn. Oh yeah, my wildest dream is to Spacewalk.



I am currently as a student research assistant at the Autonomous Intelligent Systems under professor Sven Behnke working on vision and state estimation algorithms for quadrupedal robots.

Previously a student research assistant at the Humanoid Robotics Lab under professor Maren Bennewitz. This is the result.

I am currently at the University Of Bonn where I am undertaking a Master of Science in Computer Science. I will be specializing in Robotics. Graduating in 2021.

Previously an Engineering Intern at Fotokite AG in Zurich, Switzerland, where along with two other people I developed the first version of the new GUI to control the kite (drone).

Worked at IIT (Italian Institute of Technology) as a Deep Learning Computer Vision Engineer.

I was part of the RoboCup team supervised by Dr. Matteo Leonetti at the University of Leeds, where we tackle different Robotics tasks, ranging from navigation, vision and speech. I am part of the navigation team for which I developed a ROS package in order to estimate the 3D human position in the environment. The package makes use of different tecniques, including deep-learning for human detection on RGB data and point clouds for human-robot distance computation.

Software Engineer intern for a renewable energy startup in the south of Germany, Munich. My main task was to develop secure channels and interactive applications to respectively carry and display data related to the main product, the ESS. During the work placement I used different technologies and platforms, including vanillaJS, NodeJS, AngularJS, HTML, SASS, CSS, Bash, Linux, RasbperryPi and other tools. Some of the projects I have worked on comprehend a data visualisation application, REST APIs and a RasbperryPi based router interface.

I obtained a Bachelor degree in Computer Science with major in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Leeds. During the three years spent at UoL I learnt few things on how to build software and solve problems efficiently. I also won best Software Engineering project in my second year and best Robotics project in my final year. I am also graudated as the 3rd best student in my cohort.

Interned as a tutor at a private institution focused on teaching children about the tech world. I personally taught three different classes including Java programming, Drone coding and Virtual Reality.



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